I Ate a Hand — Poem

Not the bones, silly. Shit that was the punchline.

Not the author’s real hand


There was a hand on the floor and

I hated it

I ate it

Note the bones, silly

Definitely the author’s bones

I don’t want this story truncated, so I need to make it over 150 words long. Of course, I could make it free and it won’t get truncated, but I like money. Especially money for art about eating hands off the floor.

For your bonus gift, I’m giving you another piece of art that I embellished from a gift Emily Wilcox sent me. The story is: she wrote this article. I said it is great; I left a comment. You can check the article and see the comments — that is where she gifted me a pic. I thought it would be a GIF, but it was a gift of a pic. So I made it a GIF. Yes, look close enough…the nipples swirl.

This is Emily Wilcox’s fault

That’s over 150 words. Be sure to follow the real Ryan DeJonghe for more serious matters. Or connect with all of Ryan’s personalities here.

Standby for weird. The more creative side of Ryan DeJonghe. Same guy, different posts. https://linktr.ee/ryandejonghe

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